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This summary agreement pertains to use of #memohack e-Learning program by Evo Educations Sdn. Bhd. (EVSB).

Acceptance of Terms: Registering for a #memohack e-Learning program signifies your acceptance of this Agreement, which may be amended from time to time. EVSB may notify you of changes by any reasonable means and your continued use of the Training denotes acceptance of these changes.

Security: Your account is for your exclusive use only. You are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of your User Name and Password, and for notifying EVSB of any unauthorized use or breach of security.

Course Use: EVSB provides a non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable license to use the Training for personal, non-commercial purposes only. You may access, download, save, or print limited sections of the Training. However, you may not distribute, modify, sell, resell, or reproduce the Training or its contents without prior consent from EVSB.

Copyright: The #memohack e-Learning Programs are copyrighted by EVSB, and all uses of the Training are subject to EVSB’s copyright and other intellectual property rights.

Fees and Payments: EVSB charges for #memohack Program content upon registration. Your access to the course will end at the completion of the program term.

Limitation of Liability: EVSB’s liability shall not exceed the amount you paid for the service during the 4-weeks registration period. EVSB provides the service “as is”, without warranties of any kind.

Term and Termination: The Agreement is effective upon your acceptance and will remain in effect while you maintain a current, fully paid online registration to the program, or until terminated by EVSB.

Non-Transferability: You cannot transfer your rights or obligations under this Agreement to anyone else.

No Waiver: Failure or delay in exercising any right, remedy, power, or privilege by either party doesn’t constitute a waiver of those rights.

Severability: If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force.

Governing Law and Venue: This Agreement is governed by the laws of Malaysia.

Entire Agreement: This Agreement, alongside the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, constitute the entire agreement governing your use of our website.

Usage of Content: By agreeing, you allow EVSB parties to use student learning videos or images for relevant marketing purposes.

Refund Policy: All our courses have a strict no-refund policy.