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What is Genius Mind Academy Indonesian ?

The Genius Mind Academy Indonesian is a training center with a learning curriculum that refers to the teachings of the Genius Mind Academy (GMA).
GMA was founded in 2005 by a group of educators chaired by Dr. David Ting with the goal of improving everyone's quality of life. We have more than thirty years of experience in education, especially in self-development. Despite all the challenges, we have managed to excel in the markets of more than ten countries globally.
#memohack Jenius Indonesia Academy is a hybrid program with a combination of physical and online learning. The material studied includes:

1. Mature Character
2. Dynamic Brain
3. Photographic Memory

#memohack is a brain training program that will balance the right brain and left brain, also improve 6 brain functions such as Focus, Receptors, Emotions, Comprehension, Memory and Confidence.

This training can increase Brain Speed, Brain Energy, Brain Connectivity and Brain Stamina.

The Indonesian Jenius Academy team believes that children who take part in the training will experience a significant increase in cognitive development among students.

“You have to sharpen the ax before chopping down a tree. Similarly, you have to train your brain before going to school” -Dr. Ting
Creating a new trends in education.
Cultivate mature character - dynamic brain - excellent lifestyle.
Create a global integrated self-development center.
Happy, Relex, Positive

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